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About Hiprex®
About Hiprex®
Hiprex® (methenamine hippurate) is an effective alternative to antibiotics, which can be used to prevent recurrent lower urinary tract infections (rUTI)1.
Effective alternative to antibiotics
Antibacterial resistance does not appear to develop2,3
Fast acting
Urinary antibacterial effects can be detectable within 30 minutes1
Dual action mechanism
The combination of hippuric acid and methenamine targets and kills bacteria causing UTI1
Wide spectrum of antibacterial activity
Covering gram-positive and gram-negative organisms1
Prevent infection from returning
Following successful treatment with antibiotics, Hiprex® can be used to prevent the infection from returning
Can be used to suppress urinary infection in patients with indwelling catheters and to reduce the incidence of catheter blockage.1
Long term therapy
Hiprex® can be used as a
long-term therapy to prevent
recurrent uncomplicated

Other indication
Can also provide prophylaxis against the introduction of infection into the urinary tract during instrumental procedures

New Study demonstrates the efficacy of Hiprex for prevention of recurrent UTI is comparable* to daily prophylactic antibiotics.4

*comparable efficacy is defined by a non-inferiority margin of one UTI episode per person year

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